Music and Worship Ministry

"GOD WILL DO EVERYTHING" the song is available for download free mp3

Mark Haven Hoyle and his wife, Beth, are deacons of worship.

Mark Haven Hoyle and Beth Hoyle

To worship God in song is nothing short of spectacular! When we put our hearts into it, there's a connect with God that only He creates. As we sing our hearts melt before Him and our minds are taken before his Holy Throne. We experience true worship.

We are transported to the very feet of God when the worship leader (and, in fact, the entire worship team) takes the church by the hand and leads them there. We constantly look for ways to do this more effectively and completely.

The Wichita Church of Christ worship team is comprised of several groups:

  1. The acappella singers are a beautiful blend of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices
  2. The worship band provides powerful accompaniment for many of our more contemporary songs
  3. The gospel ensemble group (or WCCGE) performs rich gospel-based spiritual songs and hymns
  4. The sound crew, lighting, and lyrics projection are vital for developing a worshipful atmosphere
  5. The ushers volunteer their time to direct seating and to keep the worship service moving smoothly

Tri-City Worship Weekend - September 10—11

Dave Eastman

Tri-City Worship Weekend also known as "the return of Dave Eastman" was held September 10-11, 2011.

Audio Recordings

Heartland Worship Renewal Weekend - March 5th to 7th

Heartland Worship Renewal Weekend

Recordings of the services and lessons are now available.



Summary of Sunday Worship Music


Finish This Race

Fill My Soul


Featured Guest Speaker Dave Eastman, Chicago Church of Christ


Dave Eastman was baptized in the late 1970ís as a college student at the Crossroads Church in Gainesville, Florida. After graduating from the University of Florida, he entered the full-time ministry, beginning as a campus and singles minister in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was there he met and married his wife Kathy in 1983. For the past 26 years, Dave and Kathy have served in ministries all over the US and Canada, and joined the Chicago team in July of 2006. In addition to leading the Central Ministry Center in the Chicago Church of Christ, Dave also serves as the congregational Worship Leader.

Over the past 6 years, Dave has immersed himself in the study of worship, and in the process has developed a relentless passion for vertical worship. He has helped to produce two CDs in live worship concerts, established and trained worship bands, written worship songs, and actively teaches the principles of connective worship in individual congregations, geographic regions, and nationwide worship conferences throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

In 2008, he co-authored his first book, That You May Believe, focusing on the miracles of Jesus, with John Oakes. In 2009, he received a $10,000 Grant to promote Worship Renewal in the Chicagoland area; together with a team of almost 40 disciples, this Worship Renewal Group has focused on restoring a more passionate, connective and intimate worship, embracing and balancing traditional, cultural and generational concerns.